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March 2012

Housing and Transportation Affordability (HTA) Index
Manhattan Strategy Group March 15, 2012
What is the Entire Cost of Living for Your Location?
KUHF Houston Public Radio March 12, 2012
Suburban Life Not Really Cheaper than City Living
The Washington Examiner March 8, 2012
CNT Study Highlights Economic Benefits of Transit Access
Mobilizing the Region Blog March 6, 2012
Wider View of Affordability Needed
Auckland Transport Blog March 6, 2012
Survey: More Income Used in Transportation Costs
10 News San Diego March 5, 2012
Are the Burbs the Best Option?
Money Mondays BlackAmerica Web March 5, 2012
You Just Spent a Gallon of Gas to get a Gallon of Milk
A World of Words Blog March 5, 2012
Why City Living Actually Costs Less
CEOs for Cities March 2, 2012

February 2012

Transportation Costs are Making More Places Unaffordable
Better! Cities and Towns February 29, 2012
Transportation Boosts Cost of Living in Suburbs
San Francisco Chronicle February 29, 2012
How More Expensive Housing Can Actually Cost You Less
The Atlantic Cities February 28, 2012
Study: Only 28 Percent of Neighborhoods Affordable
Transportation Nation February 28, 2012
Housing, Transportation Take 56% of Family Income
ABC Action News February 27, 2012
Updated and Expanded H+T Index
Reconnecting America February 27, 2012
When Affordable Housing Isn’t Really Affordable
Multi-Housing News, February 6, 2012
Living May Actually be Cheaper in the Region’s Core
Greater Greater Washington, August 3, 2011